Telegram Group Management Made Simple

With Chainfuel's powerful telegram bot and web app, you can automatically protect your group from spammers and scammers, track your group metrics, engage and retain your users with just a few clicks.


Track, protect, engage, and retain your Telegram community, instantly.


Protect your group from spammers and scammers.

AI-powered spam detection, automatically filter out flooding, protection against user bots, offensive languages, images, links, and more.


Real-time insights into your Telegram community health.

Analytics to inform your community management and marketing strategies.

Karma, ScheduleD Posts and Broadcasts

Engage users, reward users and keep your community informed

Encourage discussions by awarding users with Karma points, notify users about latest news and updates with scheduled posts and broadcasts.


Keep tabs on individual community members.

Analyze the activity and engagement of individual Telegram community members. Track and reward users that are contributing the most to your group.
Everything you need to manage your Telegram Community, without the headache.
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Powerful Features That Save You Time & Energy

Telegram Analytics
Insights into your Telegram groups key metrics and KPIs.
Telegram Anti-
Spam Bot
Telegram Anti-Spam Bot
Block spammers & scammers in their tracks.
Telegram CRM
Keep tabs on individual Telegram group members.
Scheduled Messages
Schedule messages to go out to your group in advance.
Scheduled Reports
Daily recap reports sent directly to you via DM.
Welcome Messages
Welcome new members with an automated greeting.
Entry Captchas & Quizzes
Entry Captchas & Quizzes
Keep spammers out with new-member captchas & quizzes.
1:1 DMs
Broadcast 1:1 DMs
Send mass DMs to your community members via your bot.
Admin Commands
If This Then That feature to provide flexibility to customize bot behavior and make the bot conversational
Admin Commands
Control the Chainfuel bot from inside your group.
Silent Hours
Custom Branded Bots
Automatically mute your group during non-business hours to prevent abuse when no moderator is around
Custom Branded
Custom Branded Bots
Keep everything on-brand with your own custom branded bot.

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“I couldn’t be happier with the product and support from Chainfuel, and will be using their services again and again in my future work with Telegram.”
Ash P.

Now it’s your turn. Start managing your Telegram Community the right way, today.

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