The 7 Pillars of Telegram Community Management

Learn how to grow, connect, and thrive with your crypto community in our new book, The 7 Pillars of Crypto Community Management.
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A practical philosophy for managing  productive crypto communities.

We’ve distilled years of community management experience and hundreds of hours of research and interviews into The 7 Pillars of Crypto Community Management.

These 7 Pillars represent everything a crypto community needs to do to grow, sustain, and thrive. Together, they underpin the philosophy that drives all of Chainfuel’s products and services.

The 7 Pillars

Define - Get clear about your audience
Grow - Get people into your community
Engage - Drive participation & conversation
Protect - Defend against scammers, spammers, and trolls
Support - Answer questions & solve issues
Measure - Track the health of your community
Learn - Gather & share insights from the community

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