Take the Headache out of Telegram Community Management.

Telegram has become the standard in crypto community management, but as any group Admin knows, it wasn’t designed for the purposes it’s being used for today.

In groups of any size - especially in the crypto community - spam and scams are rampant. Trolls, offensive language, and solicitors shilling other ICOs, PR services, and YouTube reviews are everywhere.

Finally, there are few tools available for groups Admins to track their usergrowth, engagement numbers, sentiment, churn, and other vital stats.

With ChainFuel, we’ve set out to fix those challenges.

ChainFuel Product Overview

Anti-Spam Tools

Create a safe environment by stopping spammers,scammers, and trolls.

Flood protection

Automatically deletes duplicate (spam) content.

URL blocker/whitelist

Prohibit users from sharing unapproved links.

Bot blocker/whitelist

Prohibit unauthorized bots from being added to your group (commonly used to scrape user data for spam/scam targeting).

Offensive language filter

Keep the language clean and respectful.