How Chainfuel Quantifies Success in Community Management

A holistic approach to understanding what makes a crypto community successful.

Katya Shokopenko

October 1, 2018

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Every crypto community is unique, yet each is alike. Growth can be achieved in various ways, but what constitutes success is standard to all.

The aim of community management is to foster and sustain a meaningful dialogue. This means attending to user questions, facilitating communication between members, and reinforcing the ideas behind the crypto project.

It’s important to distinguish this from marketing. Marketing is creating opportunities to interact with your target audience. Community management is concerned with the quality of these interactions, their frequency and relevance, and ways to strengthen the initial connection between group members.

But how do you know when you’ve found success?

Experience has shown that a repeatable process is key to accurately measuring the health and engagement of a crypto community. This evaluative process is comprehensive and uses a combination of qualitative feedback and quantifiable metrics. From these recurring and diverse data points, we can make informed decisions about how to best manage each individual community.

At Chainfuel, successful community management means being able to leverage user data towards your goals. The three engagement factors listed below appear in the detailed weekly reports we submit to our clients every week.

This post outlines how we gather and assess user data – and how we transform it into actionable insights for growing your community.

1. Activity

Activity is a function of group interest – but that’s not the whole story. Many community managers consider the number of sent messages in Telegram or the total posts in a subreddit to be an indicator of community engagement. While this is a good baseline, it provides zero visibility into which user segments are engaged and what these users find relevant.


A granular analysis is needed to get actionable metrics for your Telegram channel. Every seven days, Senior Community Managers at Chainfuel use the following three metrics to create a qualitative report on the group’s activity. This lets them differentiate the types of engagement in your community, and detail the changes made to the management process as a result.

Busiest Time of Day

Certain periods of the day will have more activity than others. Making note of these times is beneficial in two ways. First, it provides a narrower window through which to engage your target audience. Finding the most active periods will help you boost engagement around your content, announcements, and customer feedback.

Second, time of use sheds light on your different audience demographics. The marketing team can use this information to refine its international strategy, paying attention to certain groups as needed throughout the day.

Popular Topics

Certain types of content generate more engagement than others. Isolating the best-performing resources allows you to optimize your engagement strategy and share only the ideas users want. When the topic of discussion is always relevant, your channel will flourish.

Messages Per User

Taking a community profile will identify your most engaged users. This lets you gauge whether your content is relevant to a small, highly vocal subset or the group at large. From here you can segment your audience by their content preferences based upon their activity.

Running an ambassador program? This user-specific data can show you the efficacy of individual ambassadors and the content within the program itself.

2. Automated Feedback

Gathering user feedback is essential to community management. Though our Community Managers conduct analysis and draw conclusions from user behavior on their own, there’s no substitute for insights gleaned from direct response. This feedback adds authority to the analytic process while helping users feel valued and heard.


The data collection process is automated by our proprietary Telegram Feedback Bot. Users answer a brief, custom survey that asks for their satisfaction with the community and any suggestions to improve the experience. The bot then centralizes these responses within a dashboard. From here, the data is available to Community Managers as they create a profile of for the status and sentiment of your community.

Oftentimes, an incentive is used to prompt a response. Reddit flair or an invitation to your ambassador program are just two creative ways to elicit feedback.

3. Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis allows us to check the pulse of your crypto community. Attending to the tone of group chatter lets you stay ahead of trends and be responsive to your audience.

The first step is quantitative analysis, which uses natural language processing (NLP) technology to measure the overall mood of the group. Our proprietary API scans and collects every user interaction in a given period, say 24 hours, then formulates an indicator of community sentiment.


Sentiment scores are then compared to the qualitative analysis of expert Community Managers. The team evaluates the results from each side, making sure that the NLP results are reflective of automated feedback generated by the bots.

While technology is valuable, it’s nascent and not infallible. A combination of human logic and technological capabilities has proven to be the best way to ensure accuracy. A hands-on approach lets us tweak and refine the formula so that the results always reflect the group’s disposition.

How Does Chainfuel Quantify Success in Crypto Community Management?

Both quantitative and qualitative measurements are needed to define success in crypto community management. Only big data can provide a holistic overview of community engagement. However, this information is inert without the expert analysis of Community Managers. With a steady stream of user-level data in hand, our team has all the resources needed to determine the health and best direction of your communities.


Katya Shokopenko

Content Manager at Chainfuel