How created a safe and engaged user community using Telegram and Chainfuel


August 23, 2020

Tell us a little bit about what EarnBet does? is a 100% provably fair decentralized and licensed casino on the blockchain, accepting multiple cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, XRP(and more). Their platform operates with a non-custodial account where they offer games such as Dice, Crash, HiLo, Baccarat, and Blackjack while ensuring a secure and verifiable player experience, every step of the way.

It is also a profit-sharing company, where 50% of the revenue is shared with their token (BET) holders.

What is your background? And what is your current role at EarnBet Casino?

I’ve been around in the crypto space for about 3.5 years now. I was a day one investor for EOS and watched every dApp (decentralized app) being built on it very closely. 

EarnBet (formerly known as EOSBet) was one of those promising dApps. I looked into what they were trying to achieve early on and spoke with the owners often. So when the opportunity arose, I asked if they needed any help managing the community, as they were growing quickly. 

To make a long story short, within 2 years, our community and support team has grown tremendously, and I’ve been given the opportunity to oversee this great team in its progress, as their head of Community and Support.

What does your day-to-day job as the head of the Community and Support look like? What are your responsibilities?

Every day I have a certain routine where I check the previous night’s progress. I check our LiveChat support, which is the support tool we use to manage communications with our players directly from our website. I also read up on new messages on our internal and public (Telegram) channels. The rest of the day can be quite diverse; I can be focusing on anything from upcoming releases, managing new features, ongoing promotions, updating our blog site, or just about any player-related issues or queries.

You mentioned that you have been using telegram since EarnBet’s very beginning. Could you please tell us a little bit more about how the community is managed on this platform, and how that task has evolved over time?

Telegram is an extensive chat platform within the crypto community. We started out by using Telegram to build a community for our company, thereby having a direct line between us and our players and investors. Since then, our group has grown significantly. In the beginning, it was very easy to manage the questions, the spam, and the bots.

However, with time and growth, we decided to use ChainFuel to automate functions such as bot and spam prevention to increase cybersecurity - so that we can focus more on our users and their experiences. At the end of the day, we have created an open and safe environment for our community on Telegram, where we don’t have to worry about scam messages and bots.

Why are telegrams your preferred mode of Communications?

It's our preferred platform for communication, because of 3 reasons:

  1. It’s already known well within and beyond the crypto community.
  2. It’s straightforward  for new Telegram users as it’s intuitive and has a familiar look & feel to other apps.
  3. It’s available on every platform: Computer browser, Computer client, iOS, and Android.

How are you managing your crypto community using Chainfuel? What communication-related functions are available to your users?

When we started to grow, we started encountering increased harmful activities on our Telegram group, and thus decided to add a good bot to manage daily tasks such as spam and bot prevention.

Both EarnBet Casino and Chainfuel started working together while they were in their early stages. With mutual interests at hand, we worked together to develop, test, and iterate new features. This mutually beneficial relationship between Chainfuel and EarnBet still exists as of today.

Some of the main ChainFuel bot features that we use for our telegram groups are.


This gives you a good overview of how your group is evolving over time and provides you insightful statistics about the group’s activity, it’s members, and the messages sent. 

Recent activities

This provides a good overview of what your bot has been doing while you weren’t looking.


A key feature here is the high degree of configuration allowed, in regards to the action taken against spam and bots. This feature has been a blessing to our Telegram as it takes care of most of the spam for us. It also informs you via DM about the deleted content, allowing you to quickly double-check as well.


I love this latest feature. It’s another great way to relieve our admins of some of their repetitive tasks. We have it set to a few trigger words, for example, “dividends”. If somebody mentions dividends in a certain way (because sequences are regex compatible), the bot sends out an automatic reply to the sender. In our case, because our users usually want to know about the  current month’s dividend amount, it sends them a reply similar to this:

This feature relieves our admins from repeatedly answering the same questions. We have also set trigger words for people looking for support or wanting to know more about our “FUN” tokens.

 What ChainFuel features gives you the most value?

I would say the anti-spam feature certainly gives us the most value as it's the main feature that keeps our Telegram group clean and our community safe. I also believe that without it, our admins would have to work a lot harder by manually removing bots and spam.

I also really like the sequence feature a lot. It’s flexible regarding setting up trigger words and how the bot should respond to it, and thus, it can cater to almost all your needs as a community admin. It also supports regex, which means you can basically trigger the bot, in any way possible.

Any last notes or comments on community management (perhaps for cryptocurrency-related platforms) in general?

Just that you and your team are doing a great job creating a good Telegram bot that is useful for large-group admins by some of the repetitive tasks and helping them engage with the community more efficiently. So keep it up!