Top 5 Reasons Why Telegram Groups Die and How You Can Prevent It

Managing a growing Telegram Group can be harder than it seems. In this post, we present 5 areas you need to watch out for and how you can avoid users from leaving your groups.


February 5, 2020

Telegram groups/communities can be notoriously hard to maintain and grow. Any popular group experiences a significant fall in user engagement over time.

If you take a deep look at any successful Telegram group, you will see that admins and members engage with each other all the time.

How do we know all of this?

On our platform,, we help manage over 10,000 telegram groups and over 2.2 million group users. This data and experience has provided us with a great perspective of what it takes to build an engaged and successful telegram community.

We wanted to share our little “secrets” to you about what makes users churn and what you can do to prevent it in your Telegram Group.

Let’s start…

1. Promotions/Spam:

Spam and too much promotions will kill your telegram group faster than anything else..

While occasional promotions or spam are hard to prevent, constant spam will disengage your users. They will see less value from you which results in having more people leaving your group and never coming back.

Dealing with spam was never easy.

What you should do to prevent spam in your group is to enable Telegram anti-spam features offered by tools like Chainfuel to prevent spam inside of your group.

Take yourself as an example. If you were inside of one group and all you see is a bunch of spam and promotion - you would leave without ever turning back, right?

Well, other members will do it too.

Make sure that your group is always engaging and full of value by having Telegram anti-spam features turned on.

Let’s see another reason why your Telegram group might be dying slowly…

2. Lack of Information & Support:

Users join telegram groups for information on your product/service or for support. They simply want more knowledge and they want to know more than just a regular user.

If they can’t learn anything from the information that’s being shared you can expect people to start leaving your group. That’s why Telegram group management isn’t the easiest task you had.

People want to receive more support, so…

Always be helpful to the members of your telegram group and you will see how they will start engaging with other members on a daily basis.

Again, providing value is key.

3. Lack of Interaction:

While you’re providing value and information that actually help users, you will still need to keep them engaged.

Yes, helping them won’t be enough.

You need to interact with your users as often as you can to build a friendly relationship. This builds more trust and they will like your product/service even more. The biggest reason for growth is the interaction between members.

What you can do to increase engagement:

- Ask questions
People love answering the questions you ask in your group. Now, it would be best if those questions are connected to your product, but you can ask them casual questions. Even asking how their weekend was will increase the engagement in your group.

- Setup polls
Polls are different because they require just a few seconds of each user’s time. It will make them feel like a part of the product/service when they can vote for new features or improvements to the product.

- Ask for feedback.
Whether you added more features, changed something a little bit - always ask your users for feedback. Again, if they’re the biggest fan of your service, you should always aim to keep them satisfied.

4. Bad language & rude users:

All users need to feel welcome to your group.

As long as you want to keep a friendly relationship with them, all of the users should act professionally and understand that there’s no room for bad language or cursing.

So, what should you do with users that are using bad language?

You should warn them first, and if they continue with offensive and bad language, you should ban them from your group. Certain users might leave the group, stop participating in discussions and stop engaging with other users because of this.

You can always disable bad words with Chainfuel’s word blacklist feature.

5. Irrelevant Content:

While this is more subjective, telegram groups that are made for a certain product/service need to have focused discussions.

Of course, a reasonable amount of off-topic discussions is helpful and recommended, but there are certain limits.

If there are long threads that are off-topic, it can create a lot of noise in the group. This buries important messages that can be helpful to users.

Remember, users are there to be informed and to know more, not to just chit-chat with other users.


Telegram group management can sometimes be a lot harder than you think.  If your group starts to grow faster than expected, prepare yourself for having some new problems to deal with.

If you find Telegram group management overwhelming, there’s tools to make it easier.