May Product Updates: If This Then That Sequences, Protection against fake user attacks

How to use the new Sequences feature to customize bot behavior and new features introduced to protect against fake user attacks


May 11, 2020

April has been one of the busiest months for Chainfuel. We saw record levels of growth and also launched several new features this month. These new features take Chainfuel a step further in simplifying telegram group management for you. Here's more information on what we released:

  1. Sequences: Perhaps the biggest update this month is the new sequences feature. I am most excited about this because it allows for a great number of possibilities. From building a FAQ for your telegram community where the bot can answer the most common questions your users have to preventing users's from posting unwanted content. A Sequence consists of two parts, a trigger and actions. The Trigger defines the conditions for when the Sequence is triggered while the actions define what the bot will do when triggered. Let's look at an example: I want to create a sequence where the bot replies to a user with the group's rules when they send '!rules' in the group. For this example, I would create a sequence with the trigger and actions as shown the below image. As you can see below, there's different types of text match the bot can do which are self-explanatory. Similarly there's different actions you can select for what you want the bot to do. As we continue to build on this feature, we will add a lot more triggers and action options to this feature.
Screenshot of a Sequence
  1. Search and Ban fake users: Over the last few months, we've had a number of reports of a fake user attack where fake users (bots) join a group en masse and then report the group as spam. This leads to the group getting suspended or deleted by Telegram. In order to protect users from this type of attack, a new feature was added to Chainfuel that allows admins to look at the most recent users that joined their group, select & ban them all at once. This way you can protect your group from these fake users and safeguard your group. To check this out go to CRM >> People page in the Chainfuel web app.
Search, Select & Ban Fake users in one go!
  1. Bug Fixes and Improvements:
  • Scheduled posts bug fixes - Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented a scheduled posts from not executing
  • Performance improvements - Database infrastructure upgraded to improve performance of bot and web app.
  • Admin command not deleting - Fixed bug where sometimes an admin command doesn't get deleted even when the bot is configured to delete the command as the command failed to execute.

Hope you are staying safe safe and let us know if you have any feedback!