New In Chainfuel: Admin Commands and Warn/Ban Rules

New features in Chainfuel including Telegram Admin Commands and Warn/Ban Rules

Alan VanToai

March 22, 2019

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Hey everyone! We just released Admin Commands for you to start using today!

You can now /warn, /mute, and /ban users, as well as /delete and mark messages as /spam, all using slash commands within your favorite Telegram client.


We recommend that you use these commands from now in instead of the ban and mute actions from your Telegram client.

Only admins are allowed to issue Admin Commands. Non-admins who call these commands will have their message deleted from the group.

Marking a message as spam will be fed into our spam detection algorithm to make your group SAFER from spammers and scammers.

From the Anti-Spam module, you'll be able to control how many warnings can be issued to a user before muting or banning.

For our Chainfuel PRO users, we also updated the People PRO view to allow you to:

  • Warn, mute, and ban users right from the dashboard
  • See relevant metadata relating to the User's history such as their status, when they joined and left the group, how long they are temporarily muted/banned, etc.
  • Updated activity log displaying actions taken upon the user


Alan VanToai

Co-Founder of Chainfuel