Update: Anti-Spam 2.0 - AI-based spam detection and actions

Introducing Chainfuel's AI-powered Spam Detection Engine. Learn how to use this new functionality to keep your groups free of spammers.


March 29, 2020

We are very excited to announce the availability of our new AI-based algorithm to keep telegram communities free of spam. This new algorithm automatically detects spam with high accuracy, so fewer false positives or missed spam messages. Here's how it works: once a message is classified as spam the bot automatically deletes that message. The bot also privately notifies the admins of your group that have registered on Chainfuel.com that a spam message was detected and provides options such as to ban/mute the user or to mark the message as not spam.

To enable automatic spam detection for your telegram group, login to https://app.chainfuel.com and browse to the Anti-Spam page using the sidebar. In the Anti-Spam page, scroll down to find the 'Automatic Spam Detection' section (as shown in below image). Toggle the button to enable Automatic Spam Detection and click on save at the bottom of the page.

Anti-Spam page showing Automatic Spam Detection options

To test this feature out, you can send a spam message from a non-admin user to test that the bot is indeed able to detect spam in your group. Note that the bot doesn't filter messages from admin users. Here is a sample spam message you can send for testing:

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Once a non-admin user posts this message in the group, the message is automatically deleted and the bot will send you a private message with some actions you can take as shown below:

Message from bot showing the spam message and actions

You can then ban/mute the user directly by selecting an action in your telegram client. Once you select the action, the bot will immediately perform the action and notify you when done. This allows you chose how you treat different spammers and avoid banning a user for a message that might be allowed in your telegram community.

I highly encourage each of your to enable this for your telegram group so that you can keep your group clean and safe from spammers. As always, let us know in our telegram community if you have any feedback or need support.