We’re Hiring! React Developer To Build Badass New Telegram Chat Client

Telefuel is hiring a React developer to work (FULLY REMOTE!) with our Co-Founder and CTO to build a new Telegram chat client for power users.

Alan VanToai

May 13, 2019

Are you a Telegram user? If so, you don't want to miss out on Telefuel - our new Telegram app for power users and professionals, featuring Slack-style workspaces, chat folders, unread message filters, keyboard shortcuts, and more.

With Telefuel, your Telegram workflow will be faster, more organized, and more streamlined than ever before. Learn more and request an invite at www.Telefuel.com



Telefuel is hiring a React developer to work directly with our Co-Founder and CTO to build a new Telegram chat client for power users.

This is an opportunity to get in at the ground floor of an exciting, high-growth startup, with the potential to grow into leadership as we build out and grow our development team.

About Telefuel

Telefuel is a new chat app for Telegram that helps to tame the chaos of Telegram, by introducing Discord or Slack-style workspaces and chat folders to the Telegram network.

Our customers are powerful, influential players in the cryptocurrency & blockchain industry, who use Telegram to interact with their network, teams, and communities.

Why You'll Love Working Here

Working at Telefuel is different than working at other companies. Here’s why:

Fully Remote Work!

Our team works fully remote - meaning you have the freedom to work from the comfort of your own home, cafes, or coworking space. From time to time, we'll work together more closely for certain projects, but for the most part, you'll have the freedom to work from wherever you're most comfortable :)

A sane work environment

We recognize the dark side of startup culture that glorifies stress, imbalance, and workaholism as absolute insanity. For us, starting a business doesn’t have to be an insanely stressful endeavor.

Instead, we work at a comfortable, sustainable pace, because this business is a marathon, not a sprint. We’re in it for the long haul.

Exceptional team members

We’ve grown our team slowly and mindfully, giving us the ability to hand-select only the best candidates for any role (hiring for this role will be no exception).

At Telefuel, you’ll work alongside an exceptionally talented, humble, and fun group of young professionals, all top of their class in their respective fields (as you should be, too).

Proven leadership

Telefuel is founded and lead by two devilishly handsome entrepreneurs, Alan VanToai, and Matt Nguyen.

They launched their first product Chainfuel together in 2018 and have grown it to hundreds of users, and are now embarking on bringing Telefuel to market on the back of their success with Chainfuel.

Personal and professional growth

We offer all of our team members the ability to learn, grow, and develop as executors, leaders, and people.

Our focus on on-the-job training, internal hiring, and career growth means our team members are constantly being challenged to become the best versions of themselves.

An exciting, challenging product

Our products are known and loved by hundreds of customers and thousands of team members around the world.

They solve unique marketing challenges, giving us the opportunity to work together to creatively build, design, and market the best product possible.

The Role: React Developer

We’re looking for a React Developer to work with us on building out iterations of the Telefuel web and desktop client.

The position is mostly frontend development, but will also include an opportunity to work on our serverless environment.

You will also be working with cutting edge technologies, such as WebAssembly, React, and Electron.

Who We’re Looking For

Qualifications, Requirements, Personality, etc…

You’ve Read & Implemented

  • Javascript Design Patterns
  • Experience building highly reactive UIs (eg chat apps, analytics dashboards, etc)

Tools & Technologies (Required)

  • ES6 Javascript (bonus points for Typescript)
  • React
  • Electron
  • Web Workers
  • Web Assembly
  • Serverless Cloud Functions (AWS, GCP, Cloudflare, etc)


Compensation for the React developer role begins at $1,500/month base, with the opportunity to grow over time alongside us.


Our team works remotely, but most of us are located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

We would prefer to work someone in HCMC, but are open to working with candidates from around the world. If you’re global/remote, we’ll request at least 4-5 hours per week of overlapping work time with Vietnam so you can sync with our CTO.

How to apply

Click here to apply!

Next Steps...

We will review all the applications, and will select a handful of the strongest applicants for interviews.

Sound good? If so, then send us an application. We can’t wait to meet you.


You can get bonus points for doing your homework/research on our business. Check out our products here, and feel free to email us directly with any questions:

Website: www.chainfuel.com & www.telefuel.co

Email: matt@chainfuel.com


Alan VanToai

Co-Founder of Chainfuel