Why Every ICO Marketer Needs Needs Steemlt in Their Toolkit

Learn how to make the most out of this fast-growing network.

Katya Shokopenko

October 22, 2018

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Most of you are probably not aware that steemit.com even exists but there are a few reasons why you should definitely get familiar with this crypto project. Steemit was created in 2016 as the first crypto-social network which could be described as a mix of Medium and Reddit. The content creators can earn Steem and Steem Dollars if the rest of the community likes what they are writing about. In its essence, it is designed to be the home for bloggers but there is a lot more potential you could tap into if you become a part of it.

Targeted audience

Since Steemit is a crypto-based social network the majority of users are crypto enthusiasts. Some are there to try and make extra cash but almost the entire community is very optimistic about crypto in general and loves to learn about new projects, especially the ones that could bring them a profit. This is where you and your crypto project should step in.

Creating an account on Steemit is free and anyone can do it. Once you become a part of the community you will have the opportunity to write about your project and present it to the right audience in the right category. Just like Reddit, Steemit has 'categories' that you can follow and discover relevant content. If you present your project in the best possible way and be sure to post it in the right categories (you can choose up to 5), you can be sure that you are reaching the right audience.


It is a fairly unknown fact that Steemit is among the top 2300 websites in the world right now. That is a pretty big deal when it comes to SEO and Google indexing. You can easily check this with Alexa or similar websites.

Source: Alexa.com

This could be the biggest backlink opportunity you could find for free. If you run the numbers on domain authority, Steemit currently stands at 82. When compared to Medium, that was founded in 2012, Steemit's Domain Authority is only 10 points behind. Anyone with SEO knowledge will tell you that this is a pretty big deal. Getting backlinks from websites like Steemit will do a big favor to your website ranking on Google.

The creators of Steemit had all of this in mind so there is a minimal threshold of upvote value that you need to pass in order for your backlinks to become do-follow. This can be done by getting the attention of someone who has a lot of voting power on the platform or by utilizing upvoting bots that will get the job done for about $10-20. This investment will be returned to your account balance in Steem power within 7 days.

"Free" promotion

As mentioned above, the platform has a lot of unique views every single day and you can reach most of these users with small investments in 'marketing'. Upvote bots are a common thing on Steemit and they are used by the most influential people on the platform. They help your posts to appear in the top 10 for the selected category and by doing that you will reach every single user in that community. If you want to be noticed by as many people as possible be sure to utilize these bots in the best possible way.

Bot tracker is a neat website that keeps track of all the bots and the current bid size. 'Vote value' is the total voting power of the bot and 'total bids' is the total number of Steem or Steem Dollars spent in this voting round. Be sure to get familiar with all the parameters before you buy the upvotes.

Once you get a hang of things you can even start getting a nice ROI for your posts along with a completely free promotion. Every Steem and Steem Dollar spent on the upvotes is converted to Steem Power that is accumulating on your Steemit balance. In a few weeks, you could get more than you invested back in any crypto you desire while also pushing your blog posts to the top.

Mutual interest

If you are running a crypto project then you definitely want the whole crypto community to thrive and bring more attention to the space. By utilizing Steemit for your own benefit you will also help others discover the platform and maybe start using it. There is a mutual interest here that a lot of crypto projects are missing out on.

Apart from that, if you use the platform there is a big chance that you will form a partnership with other crypto projects that are already there. The possibilities are truly endless if you take the time to get the know the community and the platform as a whole.

It is not time-consuming

We all know that time is a big factor for every project and business. If you spend too much of it on things that don't bring results it can be considered as wasted time and no one wants that. Steemit is definitely the opposite of that. The most effective way to utilize it is to get familiar with it as much as possible but if you don't have that much time on your hands you can just use it to repost the content you are already using for your website. It can be just another way to reach your targeted audience and that would take less than 10 minutes of your time daily.

A small recap before we wrap this up

Steemit is good for your project's exposure, your website's SEO and it also helps you reach the right audience and potential investors. All of that is available for free so there is no real reason to miss out on this opportunity. More exposure brings more brand awareness and we can all agree that this is a very important factor in this day and age.

If you don't stay relevant in a space that is moving as fast as crypto your competitors will. That is just one more reason why you should use Steemit as an essential part of your toolkit.


Katya Shokopenko

Content Manager at Chainfuel